4 Colors Stack Type Flexo Machine with doctor blade(LU4FDB)


l   Compact design with reinforced frame,

l   Easy operation with robust electric motor and blower

l   Doctor blades inside to remove excess ink and get better print out quality

l   Less maintenance is required

l   Long life with short return on investment

l   Suitable printing material : blow film PP / HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE polyester

     bags, aluminum foil, roller paper, packing paper, PP/PE woven bags,

     cellophane, tubular films and paper cup product.

Printing width

Color printing

Printing speed

Film passing width

Printing length

Printing possibility

Max dia.&weight of film

Dr. Blade system

Ink circulation pum

Ceramic roller

Printing cylinder

Main motor

Ink roll motor

Hydraulic pump motor

Blower for heater


Temperature control

Winder motor

Unwinder unit

Rewinder unit

E. P. C.

Electric crane

Tension control

Air shaft


1000 mm

4 color

70 M/min

1100 mm

200 ~ 1000 mm


1300mm / 1100kgs



105 x 1020 mm x 4pcs - (300Lpi)

400 x 1500 mm x 4pcs

7.5HP(AC) x 1set

1/8HP x 4sets

1HP x 1set

0.5HP x 1set2HP x 2sets5HP x 1set

1.5kw x 22pcs


2HP(DC) x 1set

Shaft core 1¼”x 1set

Shaft core 1¼”x 1set

Unwinder x 1set


Unwinder  x 1setRewinder x 1set